Herbal Love – GardenTime in MorgenZeit

When outside in the garden, the sweet fragrance of blossoms is accompanied by the sound of buzzing bees, that is host Anna’s favourite time. Here she grows her herbs and vegetables with much love. Rosemary, bay leaf, sage, thyme, marjoram, chervil and much more. But not only for herself - for her guests as well! She tends and cares for her plants and is happy to share her herbs and vegetables with her guests.

Anna’s herbs play a key role in the MorgenZeit - you can find the various herbs daily in the long Gourmet-Brunch, in drinks and cocktails.

Many plants also grow right by the terrace in front of the natural pool. This way, you will enjoy your snacks, sweet seductions, tantalising in-house coffee creations and the fine, creamy housemade ice cream, taking in the delicate fragrance of lavender, lemon balm, basil and fresh cherry tomatoes.

These natural fellows, by the way, also ensure that guests can relax on the panoramic sun terrace without being annoyed by pesky mosquitoes. Especially in spring and autumn, when the sunrise paints the pond in deep orange and small beads of water evaporate on the grass and herbs, the smell of nature fills up the MorgenZeit - in our bar, in the lounge and in every suite.

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